About Gatox

Gatox Ice Cream serves delicious Natural flavor Icecreams made from 100% real fruits. Our brand name “Gatox” evolved from the French word “Gateaux” which means one filled with fruits, milk, nuts, and sugar. At Gatox we understood the need of the day, as people are becoming health conscious and showing interest on Natural foods but at the same time expecting the taste and aroma in it.

Today many Ice cream products which are available in the market contain Preservatives, Colors, and Chemical flavors for maintaining the product’s freshness. So we came up with a product with a unique idea that is completely natural and made only of Milk, Fruits, and Sugar. It doesn’t contain any preservatives or colors.

Ice cream prepared at Gatox is 100% natural and made in the traditional way with modern creativity. Each ice cream at Gatox is 100% Vegetarian, with No Preservatives used and No Artificial Colors. This helps in maintaining the Quality and Freshness of the ice cream. Thus let us serve a healthy product to our customers at a Competitive Price. We also deliver takeaway home packs in Excellent Packing in sealed containers.